Prototype conveyor baskets

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Prototype conveyor baskets

We have been working with an automotive parts manufacturer to create a bespoke basket design for taking components through their heat-treatment ovens.  There were a few unusual requirements:

  • The baskets must run on a steel-roller conveyor system.  Whilst the baskets will generally travel in one direction, there is a point in the conveyor system where they move sideways so the profile on the bottom is critical to maintaining traction.
  • The baskets must be able to balance on their sides as they are returned to the start point on a narrow chute.
  • The client wanted an option of lugs for the occasional stacking of the baskets.  The lugs mustn’t protrude downwards or sideways as this would affect the performance of the baskets on the rollers.

One basket showing the lugs on the inside edges of the top frame.IMG_7884

Two baskets showing the stacking principle where the lugs fit into the mesh base of the adjacent basket.IMG_7882

The two baskets balancing perfectly on their sides IMG_7885